Thursday, April 11, 2013

Should I tri?

I haven't talked about it much, but I ran the LA Marathon Charity Relay with Train 4 Autism. My husbands coworker/boss/mountain biking friend runs with them and he got us involved as well. I had never ran ANY part of the LA Marathon and it was an experience in itself. The relay was weird. I got up to run, and then sat stood around for 5+ hours waiting for the start, we want to do it again next year but switch legs, I do the first part and he does the second. Then in 2015 I might run it all myself, but that's getting way ahead of myself. With Train 4 Autism it was a different experience, in a good way - I met some GREAT people.

Here's the group that was doing the relay, we were all waiting at the 13 mile point for our partners, but had time to kill - so we got coffee. 

(The Husband and I post relay....I did not feel good in this picture, he on the other hand had finished 3 hours earlier and had a beer or two while waiting.)

While waiting for the shuttle I started talking to Jeanine. She's kinda awesome, we wish we lived closer so that we could run/workout together. While on the bus we got on the subject of something I never thought of even attempting.
Jeanine and I on the bus (and Ben the Train 4 Autism Founder behind us)

A Triathlon.

She planted a seed. Then she told a couple of other people she planted the seed. She's kind of an evil woman, but still awesome.

The seed she planted was for this tricarson .

It's the shortest distance, it's reverse, swimming use to be one of my strengths. I haven't swam laps in years though. Swimming in an ocean would scare me because of my irrational fear of seaweed. But this swim is in a pool.

A few weeks ago, Katie over at Moms Little Running Buddy (it's a cute site and she gives good advice) re-posted an older post of hers about Triathlons. It's like she was reading my mind. You can read her post about it here. The thing that stood out to me the most from her post was this:
Finally, what if I get halfway in and want to give up or wonder what I have gotten myself into. 
Guess what, you wouldn't be the first to think that.  I distinctly remember that moment where I wondered why I was doing this but I did it anyway and am soo glad I did.  It's an addicting feeling that you'll never regret.  Pain only last for a short time, that feeling of accomplishment lasts forever.  Suck it up!  You'll get through it.  If it makes you feel any better, one time, I actually had to walk my bike on a course.  It was extremely hilly and my legs just wouldn't do it.  No matter what you'll finish and you might even meet some amazing people along the way.  

That stuck with me. I've talked on here before about my fear, I'm afraid of pushing myself. I know it stems for issues from my childhood that will take lots of therapy and time to deal with and neither of which I have the time or desire to do at this point in my life.

Train 4 Autism starts their Triathlon training in May.  So the biggest question I'm facing now is this something I want to do? Will it help me get over my fear of pushing myself? Sometimes I just wish I could get over these fears and be the awesome person that I know I can be.

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