Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The one where I became an Island Boost Ambassador!

Have you heard of Island Boost? I'll be honest, I hadn't until last year when I ran the SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon and they were the on course support. After that I looked up the company a little more, bought a little more and used it a little more during my races during the year and the best part was it was something that didn't make me feel sick after taking it. I am very food texture sensitive. I don't like apple sauce, cottage cheese, soup, textures freak me out. I've tried the different brands of gels and they always make me gag, and honestly that's the last thing that I needed to worry about when I was running, I have enough running issues as is!

Here is a brief F.A.Q. about Island Boost:

Will Island Boost upset my stomach like other products: 
No, it shouldn't but everyone's body is different. Chances are it will NOT and you will feel great after taking it.

Is Island Boost super thick like other gels?
NO - That is one thing that I personally LOVE about it! It's a liquid! No more gagging over gels!

Are there any allergens in Island Boost?
Island Boost uses coconut water and the Aspire flavor has strawberry juice in it. Island Boost does NOT use any wheat, corn or soy products.

I'm a vegan, can I use Island Boost?
Island Boost IS vegan so vegans can enjoy it as well!

I want to try Island Boost, where can I get it?
You can purchase it online at REI or Road Runner Sports and have it delivered to you. 

Do I get paid for telling you about Island Boost?
Nope. Not a dime. I applied to be an Island Boost ambassador when Laura announced it because it's a product that I use and believe in. Being "new" to running and all the products that are out there I was overwhelmed to find out what would work for ME. By chance I came across this product and believe that it can work for many people. I know there are other people out there who loves the gels and the tastes of them, and there's nothing wrong with that. But that's not me. I also know that there are other people who have the same issues I do and want something that is gentle on their stomach, won't make them gag or have to take with water (and is EASY to open!) and this may be that product for them.

What I will do for Laura as an Island Boost Ambassador is spread the word about Island Boost, bring brand awareness, volunteer with my fellow Ambassadors at expos and races to help other athletes enjoy the same benefits that we do. 

If you were wondering what Island Boost packaging looks like below is my order from REI that I picked up last weekend.