Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Year in Review....but not really

Towards the beginning of the month I saw so many blog posts of people I follow on twitter recapping the 2012 year and all their running. I thought about doing that, but I realized this year that running led me to something deeper.

Running opened up a whole new world for me - a world that I didn't know would exist within my world. I stepped outside my comfort zone many times this year. From cheering on random people at the Disneyland Half (and making a sign for random strangers and hoping to SEE random "strangers" (@runlikeacoyote & Teal and Beth from @Lifeisarun), dressing up in costume at a half marathon, making a Got Chocolate Milk video and asking people to vote on it, to actually talking to Dorothy from @MilesPosts in Vegas (while there was a print out of the magazine cover she was on to our right). It wasn't just people that I met (or hope to meet - Lisa (@runlikeacoyote) and I will both be running the same half in January and one of my goals is to meet her in person!). It was the things I've learned, both about myself and running.

I learned a lot about myself this year. I learned that I don't like getting up in the morning to run before work because it's cold, but I love the feeling after. I discovered the greatness that are Pro Compression socks (and FINALLY no blisters!). I've learned that even though its one of the hardest things to do that I LOVE trail running. I've learned that other peoples running adventures have shaped mine, even if they don't know it - I've read their blogs, tweets, etc and those people have proved to me that it can be done if you believe in yourself. I've learned that I really like running, and proving people wrong. I've learned that I need to stop doubting myself. I've learned that there are limits with everything, except running. I've also learned that the only limits I have when it comes to running are the ones that I put on myself. In 2013 I plan on pushing myself even further outside my comfort zone and past those limits.