Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's a blessing and a curse

I married someone that is a runner, and worse of all he runs for fun. Which in my mind is a blessing and a curse. You see, he is who got me in to running. I'd be waiting for him on the sidelines of events and think, "Hey! That's something I can do!". He is also the person I blame & curse during the event for getting me in the damn situation in the first place! And worst of all, it's contagious. I should mention his youngest brother also like to run, his middle brother doesn't, he doesn't have the same build as the two of them. To date, since I started running, my sister in law, soon to be sister in law, family friend, and best friend have signed up to or have done running events, and even signed up for more than one! I blame my husband for this, of course in a loving way.

He doesn't have the same mental hangups that I do about running, or the physical (BLISTERS!) issues that I do when I run. But what he does do is support me, and encourage me, and push me to do my best, in his own annoying way. You see, marrying a spouse that runs or does any sort of physical activity is a curse, because you will eventually start to like that activity, and start participating. Since I've met my husband I've done, 5K's, a marathon, two half marathons, and by the end of January 2013 I will have done 3 more half marathons.