Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The more things change....

The more they stay the same.

I ran the LA Rock and Roll. I won't really say I RAN - but I finished. I think my time was around 3:20....NOT under 3 hours like I wanted. But, the bright side is there is always room for improvement.

Since then I've signed up for the Pasadena Rock N Roll half. Which is in a month. I have not been running as I should, so I am a little worried. I could blame it on a million things, but it all comes down to being lazy. I changed jobs, so my hours changed and if I want to run I have to do it in the morning before work, when it's dark and cold. My other option? Not running. Doesn't sound like a good option to me!

I actually did a 5K this past weekend, while my husband ran the LA 13.1, I didn't do it under 40 minutes like I wanted to, but I improved my time by 3 minutes from the previous year. I did a work out DVD this morning, will hopefully run tomorrow morning (late night tonight), and alternate my workouts until my half marathon. Improvement is what I am looking for. Improvement is what I need.