Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My knee has been killing me. It hurts when I stand up and it hurts to put pressure on. I'm hoping it feels better so that I can do more training today. I'm debating between the stairs ( I didn't get to do them last week ) or running. Or going home and doing my elliptical and watching an episode of Weeds, with my cats watching me from the hallway thinking I'm a crazy lady.

Scot, my husband is doing a 10K on Super Bowl Sunday, he told me that I should do the 5K. My goal was to do it in under 40 minutes....hell or even 40 minutes. But I told him yesterday I don't want to do it, because I don't think that I will meet my goal. Giving up before I even try...that's not good!! I need to sign up so that I can't back out.

I think I have it figured out what half marathon that I am going to do. I think I'm going to do the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon in October. I know I said by my birthday in July, but there aren't any local runs in the summer. Southern Californians are smart, they want to enjoy their summers. My sister in laws, stepsister, Cheetah, said that she will run it with me. She is a runner, but hurt her Achilles tendon so she can't go as fast as she would in the past, which works just fine for me!

I'm also walking a 5K in March or April with my mom. She has always wanted to do a race, but due to her hip replacements she can't run. So I told her if she signed up I'd walk with her. I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sunday I ran a 5K. Ok, maybe ran isn't the best term. I competed in AND finished a 5K. It's took me 46 minutes. I was aiming for under 40. Lofty aspirations I have there!! I am a bit sore, but I guess that's to be expected, going in to this totally untrained. I saw my official stats. I wasn't going to share those, but I need to see my starting point.

Today I start more training. I have to run 3 miles today. I am thinking of going down to the beach, if I'm going to run myself ragged, I want to do it somewhere nice! Tomorrow is cross training, for 2 miles, I am going to do the stairs (Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook)

. I'm not sure how many times I have to do them for 2 miles, but I will find out tomorrow.

I also started tracking my calories today. I need to be accountable for what I eat. All the exercise in the world won't help, if I don't eat healthy. I don't eat fast food, but I have a horrible sweet tooth that is going to be my downfall if I don't get it under control. I had a kitkat for a "snack" and it really wasn't worth it.

I know I'm not going to be a skinny super model, but I want to be healthier - And that means losing weight and exercising.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Sunday I'm doing a 5K. I haven't done one in 2-3 years. I'm terrified. I honestly can't remember the last one I did. I also plan on running a 1/2 marathon before my 29th Birthday in July. July 30th. I might have to do it in June because I don't think that there are many races in the summer. I planned to start running Monday, so I guess I will just kick this off a day earlier and a bit more formal then planned. My husband is a runner, so is his brother. I don't think either of them think I can do this. I'd like to prove them both wrong.