Wednesday, September 4, 2013

COUNTDOWN TO RACEDAY 25 Days 2 Hrs 46 Mins 23

In 25 days I'm doing a Triathlon. 

In 25 days I'm doing a TRIATHLON.


Holy crap. 

I'm doing the LA Triathlon sprint distance which is a .4 mile swim in Venice Beach (still terrified of seaweed but I'm getting better with it), a 14 mile bike ride from Venice Beach to Downtown LA, then a 3.1 mile run. 
I've been training all summer and have even done a mock triathlon. In some ways I feel like I'm ready for this, but in some ways I feel like I need more time! At this point in my training I feel like the only thing that I can improve on is just my endurance and swimming, my biking and running are set. 

When I started this blog I was just starting out running, and sometimes I feel like I still am. But in hopefully 25 days + 6 hours I'll be a triathlete. 

I'm excited to try something new, even if the thought of the whole thing makes me want to cry. 
I wouldn't be anywhere close to competing in Triathlon if it wasn't for the amazing people I train with. Everyone I've met with Train 4 Autism has been so supportive - they are an amazing group of athletes and I cant wait to share another memory with them. 

All this training has taught me that I need to cherish the journey no matter where it's taking me.