Monday, July 9, 2012

Starting over again

This morning I started training for my half marathon at the end of October. Yes, I realize it's July 9th, but to reach my goals I need to start now. I need to be prepared. I need to train. I also need sleep. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, I'm hoping with my gradual increase in running that falling (and staying asleep) will become a lot easier. I am also trying to eat healthier, and cut back on the sweets and alcohol during the week. I need to start making healthy desserts, sweets are my downfall. 

I am 5 pounds away from my first goal weight. Not my final goal weight, but my first. Hopefully by the time I reach my birthday on the 30th (I'll be turning 30) I'll be past my first goal weight and closer to my 2nd. I realize that I will never been a tiny, skinny person. My genetic make up doesn't work that way. I come from a line of large women. But that doesn't mean that I can't work hard and be healthy. 

We don't have any running events this summer, which is nice, it gets hot. I want to sign up for the  Awesome 80s Run , but we will see. It's a 3 day weekend and we have my stepsons - need to try to convince everyone that we should do it as a family event....we will see. But I am looking forward to my training runs at the beach on the weekends. Maybe I'll throw in a trail or two when the hubby goes mountain biking? 

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